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How to get IMEI number after your Android phone is stolen


How to get IMEI number after your Android phone is stolen

Hello dear visitor to Valley4Techs blogMost of us know the importance of the phone’s IMEI number, as well as the different ways to obtain and know it, as this unique number helps you to repair or find your phone in the event that it is lost, so it is important to keep this number before your phone is lost or stolen.

But what if you didn’t realize the importance of the IMEI number in order to save it or at least write it on an external paper?

Your phone might be stolen, and there is no solution to finding it again except with this number.

Fortunately, there is more than one way to find the IMEI number without the phone “considering that it is stolen”, so let us explain it to you in this article.

First Method

To find the IMEI number when the phone was lost or stolen, it is by the box in which you bought the device, this box in which the phone was enveloped during purchase, one of its four sides contains a small sticker showing a set of important information about the phone such as the country of manufacture, model, color, storage capacity In addition to the serial number of your phone, as well as the IMEI number.

You can use this number while reporting theft of the phone to add it to the blacklist or try to find it.

But if this method does not apply to you because the phone box is also not found, do not worry, there is another method let us review.

Second Method

Recently, users can use the Find My Device feature to find information about the lost phone, including the IMEI number.

If you are a user of Android phones and you log into your Google account inside this phone, the Find My Device feature will automatically be activated and thus we can use it.

After the phone is stolen, you will, through any computer, go to this link, and then write the login data for your Google account registered on the lost phone.

After logging in, the name and shape of the lost phone will appear on the left side, and at the bottom there are two options to control the phone remotely “if it is connected to the Internet” and to find the IMEI number, all you have to do is click on the Info icon denoted by the letter “i” to show you Device Information, including the IMEI number.

How to get IMEI number after your Android phone is stolen

And in the event that you do not have any computer next to you to use, it is okay, you can use any mobile phone to download and install the Find My Device application from the Google Play Store.

Then you open the application and log in with the Google account registered on the lost phone, then you can then press the “i” icon to display a window containing the information and containing the IMEI number as shown in the image above.

These were the methods that enable you to obtain the IMEI number even after losing the phone so that you can restore it again or at least include it in the blacklist.

At the end of this article, we hope that we have added new and useful information to you, and in case you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to mention them to us in the comments and we will communicate with you and answer your inquiries.

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