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How to backup and restore applications with or without root

How to backup and restore applications with or without root


Hello dear visitor to Valley4Techs blogOf course after you buy a new Android phone, the first thing you think about is installing your old apps on it, and of course searching, installing and writing accounts and passwords will take a lot of time, so users turn to backup applications that will enable users to make a full backup of applications and most importantly with data .

And if you do not know what application data is, here is a brief description of it and how it works.

After installing each application on the Android phone and the initial start of using it, there will be a collection of usage data, which usually consists of specific configurations, files, login information and so on from data, and this is stored as a separate directory so that other applications cannot access this information, each application has its own data and files.

Thus, this makes the possibility of the backup a bit complicated, especially when it comes to backup without the presence of root permissions, as the lack of these permissions or powers makes it difficult to access the private directories of your old phone, and thus the matter of losing data when changing the phone is very likely .

But there is still a way to back up data without losing it, and with correcting errors automatically, and today we will show you a simple and useful method in the process of backing up applications and their data, whether on rooted or unmodified Android phones, using the Helium application, and here we show you how point by point:

First: Backup and restore without the need for root

In the beginning, some tools must be provided to perform the backup process or to perform a restore on the new phone or the old phone that has been factory reset.

The tools are:

1- Download a copy on your computer for the application, whether on Windows, Mac, or Linux, you can download it from here.

2- USB connection to connect between the phone and your computer.

3- Download some Android definitions from here to ensure that there are no problems connecting the phone to the computer.

4- Download a copy on your Android phone for the application by going to the application page on the Google Play Store from here.

Here are the steps:

1- Open Helium on your PC without connecting the phone to the computer.

2- Enable USB debugging and enable developer options on your Android phone.

Most of the time this option is not activated, and to activate it go to “Settings“, then “Developer Options“, then “USB Debugging“.

USB Debugging

On some phones you may notice that there is no such thing as the developer options activated, and in order to activate it go to “Settings“, then “About Phone“, and press “build number” 7 times.

build number

3- Now, go to your Android phone and then open the application and connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable.

Helium app

4- After pairing the two devices, you will be able to enable the backup, by going to the application and then selecting the applications that you want to backup, whether all by selecting all or manual selection.

Helium app

5- After selection, you can choose here to put the backup copy on an external memory card or in some cloud services such as “Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive”.

Helium app

6- After that, you have to wait for the completion of the copying process, and of course the copying process depends on the number of applications and the size of each application, and upon completion you will receive a notification stating that.

Second: Backing up applications and data with root powers

In this way, the copying process is much easier because you will not need to connect the phone to the computer or even download the application version on the computer, only you download the application and the entire work will be from inside the phone.

Here are the steps in brief points:

1- When you open the application for the first time, it will ask you for the permissions to access the root, accept it because it is the basic process in enabling the backup on the phone without connecting to the computer.

2- Follow the same steps mentioned previously without any change.

Third: Restoring the backup of applications and data, whether with or without root

The restoration process for both cases there is no need to connect to the computer, just choose the copy in the place where you saved it, and from there click on the restore option, and as is the case in the copy process, the restoration process is completely dependent on the size of the copy.

It should be noted that restoring the copy from cloud services requires purchasing the full version of the application.

To here, we have finished explaining the steps for backing up applications and data on Android, and the whole thing is important for every user, with the aim of preserving your applications, and reducing the processes of installing applications again.

As we said earlier, the process of installing applications again from the Google Play Store requires a lot of time, waiting and effort, so the backup process through the Helium app has proven effective.

Finally, if there are other ways to copy apps, put them in the comments so that everyone can benefit from them.

At the end of this article, we hope that we have added new and useful information to you, and in case you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to mention them to us in the comments and we will communicate with you and answer your inquiries.

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